The Mr. Bodykits Story

Hello, Welcome to Mr. Bodykits. I'm Kevin Lee, founder of Mr. Bodykits. I have been working in the body kit industry for pretty much my entire lives and was a key member in a team that won numerous awards from 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004 Brisbane Autosalon competition. I used to be in the carbon fiberglass body kit making business, but now I am designing, sourcing, and buying the high quality and unique body kits and selling it directly to you.

Many body kit retailers sell kits with similar designs that are often inspired by companies like Mugen Motorsport, Holden Special Vehicle, Ford Performance Vehicle, and NISMO. However, this leads to a lack of uniqueness as the same designs are copied multiple times. Some online retailers also use inferior or fake materials, such as fake polypropylene, in order to cut costs.

At Mr. Bodykits, we do things differently. We have the in-house expertise to design body kit prototype using carbon fiberglass and uses 3D scanners to acquire data for further design work. Our in-house team designs all of our body kits, including prototypes made from carbon fiberglass and final products made from high quality polypropylene plastic (PP), the same material used by modern vehicle factories (OEMs) for bumpers. This means that our customers can trust that they are getting OEM grade body kits with one-of-a-kind designs, not knock offs or low quality products.

No knock off, low-quality products. We are talking OEM grade body kit with one-of-a-kind designs.

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service, and our customers consistently give us excellent feedback.

You can browse and order our body kits online, or visit our main store located at 3-7 BowenStreet in Slack Creek, Queensland.

Thank you for choosing Mr. Bodykits

- Kevin Lee -


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